Calling All Parents of Children 12 & Under!

Help Make a Great Start for our Kids!

Montcalm County Great Start Coalition is seeking parents of ALL children 12 and under to voice their opinions, get involved and begin activities to further the health, welfare and social/emotional development of their children.

Parents living in your communities in Montcalm County will be forming Parent Groups, or Parent Coalitions to voice priorities, concerns and needs to be forwarded to the Montcalm Area Intermediate School Distict’s Great Start Program. The Great Start Program is charged with empowering parents and initiating services as identified by the parents of Montcalm County.

Are you interested and ready to become involved? Would you like to join a Parent Coalition? Are you ready to help make changes that will impact the lives of YOUR children and your neighbor’s children?

Get the most current meeting Schedule here: or contact our office for more information at (616) 225-6146.

More Links for Parents

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